Team Xtreme

Have been skating for 15 years and teaching for 8 years. Playing hockey most of the time and know a little of sliding and slalom. Fell in love with the skating the very first time I put on those roller blades. Hockey helps me to taught me the way of sportsmanship. Inline skating has always brought everyone together from different aspect of life. No matter who you are where you come from if you love to skate, you are always welcome. We are a family in SkateXtreme. Together We Skate!

Jordan Yeo, Founder and Owner of SkateXtreme

Have been skating for 12 years and teaching for 7 years. Mostly Sliding and a little of slalom. To be on wheels has been my second nature ever since I started this sport. Through this sport, it has shaped me to become a person with determination and perseverance. 
In SkateXtreme Community, we stay together and no individual stand alone because “Together We Skate”.

Vincent Gan, Co-Founder and SkateXtreme Chief Administrative Officer

Have been skating for 12 years and teaching for 6 years. Learned how to slalom and sliding and now picking up hockey. Fell in love with the sports during polytechnic and wanted to venture more into it. During hard times, skating is always the best way to release stress. From being an Instructors to being close friends. Love the bonds I made during my skating journey and proud to see the instructors getting better each day.

Lucas Guan, Co-Founder and SkateXtreme Head Instructor

Have been skating for 3 years and teaching for 2 years. I like to do sliding but I am learning slalom as well. Skating has allowed me to have fun while keeping fit and healthy, and has given me the opportunity to meet new friends of every age and background.

Preston Lee Yi Cheng, SkateXtreme Head Instructor

Have been skating for 7 years and teaching for 6 years. I like to do sliding. Love the freedom when I can skate anywhere and everywhere on wheels. Skating has brought me to meet more people who share the same passion as me.

Philbert Ng Wei Hao, SkateXtreme Operations Manager and Head Instructor

Have been skating for 14 years and teaching for 5 years. I like to do both slalom and sliding. I love how skating is able to give me the adrenaline rush when skating around Singapore. I find joy in teaching kids and hope to see them enjoy it the way i do.

Haggai Ngiam, SkateXtreme Head Instructor

Have been skating for 4 years and teaching for 1 year. Love to do sliding! Skating has always been a way for me to relieve stress. It helps me to stay active while also work on a form of art. It’s not a very common sport here in Singapore. I feel a little more unique doing this sport and it’ll never fail to catch attention.

Muhammad Firash Aiman Bin Faisal, SkateXtreme Instructor

Have been skating for 10 years and teaching for 2 years. Learned a little of everything like sliding and slalom. I feel at ease when skating and it also helps me to keep fit physically and mentally.

Nigel Sim, SkateXtreme Instructor