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The MT3 Urban inline skate is an upgraded version of the MT Plus. This skate is fully customizable to the specific taste of each user. It's has a high resistant, wide-body construction polypropylene shell that offers the perfect fit. High resistant polypropylene removable and adjustable cuff allows you to adjust it to the correct amount of forwarding flex. This skate enables a significant amount of airflow, keeping your foot dry when skating. It has a Thick memory cotton removable and washable liner, good elasticity with soft cushioning. The liner also has a shock-absorbing pad beneath it. Durable safety shine lock buckle and 45-degree micro ratchet ankle strap. A considerable side protector which helps you protect the skate from scratches that is easily replaceable. A big wheel setup will also allow you to glide effortlessly over rougher terrain than a standard 80mm sized wheel setup and a lower profile design to lower the centre of gravity with increased speed and manoeuvrability.

Micro MT3 Urban Skates

$219.00 Regular Price
$207.00Sale Price
Color: BLACK
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